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Tower Grove Manor is home to an exciting new senior citizen/college student resident program. Two Washington University in St. Louis research students have been living for free at Tower Grove Manor in exchange for spending several hours each week participating in activities with the senior residents.

Matthew Wynn is a graduate student in the Psychological & Brain Sciences Department, doing research on older adults and how to help them adjust to a diagnosis of dementia. Marna Ghiglieri is pursuing a doctorate of occupational therapy after previously working as a rehabilitation director for a retirement community in California. Each week, both students plan and lead activities for the residents, helping to improve the lives of the seniors. The students also receive free room and board at Tower Grove Manor during the length of their studies.

“This living arrangement has perks for both generations,” explained Beth Rodowick, executive director at Tower Grove Manor. “There are large health benefits to the elderly – from fighting dementia to regulating blood pressure – that come from social contact with younger people. Plus, the students get help tackling the problems of college debt and housing expenses.”

Please contact us at 314-773-2800 if you’d like more details about our program or know of someone interested in participating.

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